Application Deployment in GKE Cluster linked with GC SQL using VPC Peering.

Both SQL Server and Kubernetes Cluster will be launched in different private networks and will be linked using VPC peering.




i) Interface to Create a project. ii) List of created Projects
Interface to create VPCs.
Interface to create firewall rules.
Detail procedure to configure VPC PEERING is explained in this blog.
Interface for VPC Peerings.
List of VPC peerings establishes in both the projects.
Snapshot while installing GC SDK.
Interface to create a Kubernetes cluster.
Google Cloud SDK Shell
>kubectl.exe create deplyment deployment_name --image=wordpress
//command to create a deployment using mentioned image of one pod.
>kubectl.exe scale deployment deployment_name --replicas=N
//command to increase or decrease the number of pods to N.
>kubectl.exe get pods
//command to list all the running pods.
Google Cloud SDK Shell
>kubectl.exe expose deployment deployment_name --type=LoadBalancer --port=80
//command to expose port 80 to load balancer.
Google Cloud SDK Shell
List of Load Balancers created.
WebPage displaying Details of Load Balancer.
Interface to create SQL instance
Interface to create database.
Connection Setting for SQL Instance.
WordPress Interface
WordPress Interface
WordPress Interface
Finally Launched webpage

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